Campus to Corporate

We are happy to introduce that we are specialized in campus to corporate programs and proven the methodology to reduce attrition through the workshop.


The transition from college to corporate is a big adjustment for many Millennialz. Campus to corporate training is to focus on soft skills program that helps students to adapt the transition smoothly into corporate life.

Who can attend?

Final Year Placement Students/Passed out student from the same college who is looking out for a job.

How does Millennialz work?

  • Swot Analysis every student
  • Personality Report on the changes required
  • Transition through training(Domain and Soft skills)
  • Career Counseling
  • Revisit SWOT
  • Creating a career path
  • Job Assistance

Upshot of the program

  • Opportunities from the best employers
  • Skills required for career transition for life time
  • Creating a Market ready professionals.


  • Based on the requirement

Customization of program

  • The  programis completely customizable based on objectives and  requirements of the College.
  • Group size is minimum 150
  • We also support firm for the induction training based on their employability Requirement.

Why Millennialz?

  • Trainers are from corporates
  • Trainings based on live scenarios of corporate
  • Current trend and expectations from the corporate
  • Mock interviews from real corporate professionals
  • Career Counselling (one on one)
  • Resume preparation for each student
  • Job assistance even after the program
  • Internship(optional) 


Millennialz Programs for College:


1.   Communication Skills
2.    Business Etiquette
3.    Presentation Skills
4.    Goal Setting
5.    Time Management
6.    Personality Development
7.    Behavioral interpretation
8.    Interpersonal and Team Skills
9.    Building Aptitude for Written Exams
10.  Technical Training and Internship (Optiona )
11.  Corporate Selection Process