Corporate Programs


To  Build a competent teams ready to take on any business challenge and to plan meaningful steps that bring you closer to your career goals.

Who can attend?

Corporate programs are tailor-made for business professional (from executive to Management level)

How does Millennialz work?

  • Training needs Identification
  • Defining Learning objective
  • Creating learning framework
  • Training MAP
  • Delivery Methodology
  • Execution
  • ROI

Upshot of the program

  • Expand team spirit and bonding
  • Effective stress management
  • Healthy Office atmosphere
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Healthy retention of trained work force
  • Improve profitability


Based on the business requirement

Customization of program

  • The  programis completely customizable based on objectivesand  requirements of the firm
  • Group size is minimum 16 ~ 52

Why Millennialz?

  • One to one coaching
  • Learning path for individuals
  • Behavioral Analysis report
  • Under Budget
  • 24/5 customer support


For enquiries of such programs for your firm, please send in your requirements to

Millennialz Programs for corporate

Business communication program

Personal Branding

Work -Life management

DiSC behavioral Training with Analysis report

  • Disc for workplace
  • Disc for understanding teams personality
  • Disc for Leaders
  • Disc for Sales and Marketing
  • Disc for individual

Stress Management

Yes Man Attitude

Campus to Corporate program for New Hires(entry level orientation)