Leadership Development


"Leadership is not about you; it's about investing in the growth of others."

To  Build a potential to take up managerial roles in future to take on any business challenge and to plan strategically meaningful steps that bring you closer to your career goals. 

Who can attend?

Corporate programs are tailor-made for business professional (from executive to Management level)

How does Millennialz work?

  • Training needs Identification
  • Defining Learning objective
  • Creating learning framework
  • Training MAP
  • Delivery Methodology
  • Execution
  • ROI

Upshot of the program

  • Expand change processes and be able to think critically about obstacles to change
  • Effective stress management  and process for decision making
  • Healthy Office atmosphere to overcome structural barriers to achieve results.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency for achieving mission results.
  • Healthy retention of trained work force
  • Improve profitability


Based on the business requirement

Customization of program

  • The  programis completely customizable based on objectivesand  requirements of the firm
  • Group size is minimum 16 ~ 52

Why Millennialz?

  • One to one coaching
  • Learning path for individuals
  • Behavioral Analysis report
  • Under Budget
  • 24/5 customer support


For enquiries of such programs for your firm, please send in your requirements to contact@millennialz.in

Millennialz Programs for Leaders and Supervisors

  1. Manager As A Mentor
  2. Managing People Effectively
  3. Coaching For Performance
  4. The PIPELINE Manager
  5. Effective Supervisory Skill
  6. Situational Leadership
  7. Problem Solving & Decision Making / Thinking Skills
  8. Delegation & Time Management Skills
  9. Counseling for Leaders or Supervisor
  10. Assertive Communication Skills for Managers