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MILLENNIALZ members have access to practical knowledge and insights from experienced coders in the field, best practices, research, and tools you can use every day in this rapidly changing industry. We provide information, resources, and education programs to help you keep current on the latest news, trends, market opportunities. As a MILLENNIALZ member, you’ll also get a membership to  gain a network of industry colleagues.

Advance your career with internationally recognized education program, which leads to professional credentials, and earning potential.   Find more career opportunities with Job Market listings.

When you become a member, you become a part of the dynamic changes that are transforming our community, by helping to shape the future of Medical coding. We provide the tools and resources to help get you there, by advancing your career and enriching your knowledge with life-long learning resources.

  • Join your peers on   members-only community, the Exchange. Strengthen your network, share best practices, and help your community thrive by meeting industry thought leaders.


  • Find the information, education, and resources you need to ENHANCE YOUR CAREER AS MEDICAL CODER to govern healthy, vibrant communities.


  • Meet colleagues within your local chapter and take advantage of professional development programming, community association board member education, and a variety of tools to meet your needs.


  • Get member pricing for award-winning publications, on-demand webinars, unparalleled education, and elite events in  your Native Language.


  • Access top industry insights from an outstanding repository of award-winning content that provides you with premier intel. 

    Whether you’re a community manager, homeowner leader, or business partner, the benefits of MILLENNIALZ are many. Take a look at what you gain by joining us.

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  • Members make more money through increased referrals.

  • Increased exposure to quality professionals and their extended networks that can help you grow your career/market value/continual learning through experts.

  •  Members have regular opportunities to hone their skills to be market ready  

  • Access to all  our Webinars/Events/Forums and HR network

  • Life Time Access to Our Training Modules and Training Upgradation

  • Business Opportunities for Coders to Make side Hustle

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Become an Instructor


Are you a passionate Trainer?
DO you Enjoy Training people?
Are you Creative to bring new ideas in learning?

Join Us!!  you receive a turnkey training solution which includes program outlines, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, tests, online modules, and access to an online learning management system. 
You will also receive implementation support and Train The Trainer(TTT) Enhance your training methodology.   Becoming an instructor is an important step as you prepare coders to enhance their career in healthcare

Instructor Requirements:

  • Must be an AAPC certified member in good standing.
  • Must have at least five 3+ years of medical coding experience.
  • Must complete an Instructor’s Course

Apply to Become an Instructor Today!